Veterans Pick Up Stranded Biker, Find Out It"s Bruce Springsteen

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Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 13th, 2016

Facebook Temporarily Killed Off A Lot Of Its Users

There’s no worse way to find out you’re dead than through Facebook. Facebook killed me.— Rowaida Abdelaziz (@Rowaida_Abdel) November 11, 2016 Numerous users of the site found that their personal pages h.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 11th, 2016

Baby Lizard Chased By Snakes Is Every Nightmare You"ve Ever Had

More gripping than a Hollywood drama, the life-or-death stakes in this new BBC clip are all too real.  Watch as a baby lizard gives a snake the slip, only to find itself being chased by what looks like dozens of other serpents on Fernandina Island in.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 8th, 2016

Cops Find Adorable Koala Inside Wanted Woman"s Bag

It was anything but a routine arrest. When officers detained a wanted woman in Brisbane, Australia on Sunday night, they were stunned to find that she was carrying a koala in her canvas bag. The unidentified 50-year-old claimed she was caring for the.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 7th, 2016

What It"s Really Like To Break Up With A Best Friend

If you’ve ever had to break up with a bestie, you know it hurts just as much as a romantic breakup. It’s not for nothing that more and more people are using Tinder-like apps to find friendships; making new friends as a grown wom.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 3rd, 2016

Good Young Exorcists Are Hard To Find, Leading Priest Says

The Catholic Church is having a hell of a time finding young exorcists, says a leading practitioner. “I told the bishop that I can’t find anyone willing to do this,” Father Vincenzo Taraborelli told the BBC in a story posted Tuesday. &ld.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 18th, 2016

24 Hilarious Tweets From People Who Are Hopelessly Single

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies when we’re looking for love. Who hasn’t used a painfully awkward pick-up line at a bar or endured minutes of uncomfortable silence on a first date?  It might help to know that you&rsqu.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 17th, 2016

Snitch Crow Leads Police To Hidden Meth Stash

Some cops use drug dogs to find contraband. But in Western Australia, it seems that crows are willing to do the job instead. A surveillance camera captured a crow fishing a bag of methamphetamine out of a Perth gas station’s garbage can on Monday. .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 14th, 2016

Ancient Cannabis "Burial Shroud" Discovered In Desert Oasis

This post originally appeared on National Geographic. Archaeologists are hailing the discovery of an “extraordinary cache” of cannabis found in an ancient burial in northwest China, saying that the unique find adds considerably to our unders.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 14th, 2016

Maybe We Can"t Find Space Aliens Because They Got Snuffed Out

With at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way, you’d think at least one would have produced a race of intelligent alien beings. So how come we’ve never seen signs of space aliens even after decades of SETI (search for extraterrestria.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 12th, 2016

A Bizarre Trump Fortune-Telling Machine Keeps Popping Up Around New York City

Remember Zoltar? That primitive animatronic fortune telling machine you sometimes find at arcades? Well, a bizarre variation featuring Donald Trump is popping up around New York City. And since it features Trump, we’d have to say it’s eve.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 11th, 2016

Not Everything You See At New York Comic-Con Is So ... Super

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Comic-Con fan who doesn’t appreciate a well-crafted costume. But, truth be told, these costumes are usually exciting hero outfits. They come with capes and boots and huge swords and sweet masks. That’.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 7th, 2016

Packers" Jared Cook Says He Received A Chicken Head At Buffalo Wild Wings

Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook has a bone to pick with Buffalo Wild Wings. On Friday he tweeted a photo of a severed chicken head that he apparently received with his order at the sports bar chain on Tuesday. Be warned: This might put you off chic.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 7th, 2016

What It Would Look Like If Disney Princesses Used Dating Apps

Not even Disney princesses can find a decent match on dating apps.  In the comics below, which originally appeared on College Humor, illustrator Paul Westover shows us what it would look like if Disney princesses had met their princes online. Le.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 5th, 2016

This Crocodile "Cage Of Death" Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Travelers with an absurd craving for danger should head to Darwin, Australia, ASAP. That’s where they’ll find the Cage of Death, an attraction that puts human bait ― er, visitors ― face-to-face with some of the continent’s largest cr.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 4th, 2016

4 Easy Ways To Get More Matches On Tinder

The average Tinder user spends a whopping 77 minutes a day on the app, the company says. Unfortunately, all that swiping doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll find a love connection.  In the BuzzFeed video above, Tinder&rsqu.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 3rd, 2016

Woman Says She Came Home To Find Burglars Having Sex On Her Couch

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It"s A Dummy All Right! Troopers Find Trump Cutout In HOV Lane

WSP Motorcycle Trooper Greg Ulrich stopped a vehicle this morning NB 167 in Auburn for violating the HOV lane. Do you know why ?— Trooper Rick Johnson (@wspd2pio) September 27, 2016 This Trump isn’t just snea.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 27th, 2016

Once Upon A Time, Claire Danes Sat In A Chair 12 Different Ways

Question: Have you ever ... sat in a chair? Did you find this page by Googling “how do I sit in a chair”? Rather, do you consider yourself a chair expert? Are you only here to get new sitting ideas? Whatever your needs, here are 12 innovative .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 26th, 2016

Woman Drops Forgetful Husband"s Lunch Through His Car Sunroof Like A Boss

When her husband forgot his lunch and drove back home to pick it up, this woman didn’t run down several flights of stairs to hand it over. Instead, she nonchalantly tossed the package from a balcony — and incredibly managed to send it soaring .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 26th, 2016

You Won"t Find A Dog Who"s Worse At Hide-And-Go-Seek Than This One

This dog’s hide-and-go-seek defeat is the internet’s entertainment victory. Adorable Niko appears to be truly lost while trying to find his person. Has canine cluelessness ever been so endearing? Don’t worry, pooch. You have company. .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 21st, 2016