This Entitled Cat Will Sit Wherever It Damn Wants

Cats have a reputation for being entitled, but this one takes the cake. Desperate to get a better view out of a window, the adorable kitty clambers all over a snoozing black and white cat. It then plonks itself down, right onto its companion’s .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 12th, 2016

Twitter To Florida: Get It Together

Florida always seems to be getting itself into election night trouble. The crucial swing state had extremely close numbers during Tuesday night’s vote count. So, naturally, Twitter lost its damn mind. The election in Florida currently...Someone ple.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 8th, 2016

This Glowing Van Gogh Costume Will Brighten Your Halloween

Glow, baby, glow. Redditor Vito Polizzi just brushed away all competition for costumes this year with his Vincent van Gogh getup. The damn thing GLOWS under a black light. Reddit is referring to the already iconic costume as “Vincent van Glow.&.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 31st, 2016

Yoko Ono"s Latest Exhibit Features A Very Subtle "Simpsons" Reference

“The Simpsons” buffs may recall a gag in a 1993 episode entitled “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” in which a character looking suspiciously like Yoko Ono orders a drink from Moe’s Tavern. Not quite the the type to go for a.....»»

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Purse Snatcher Messed With The Wrong Damn 86-Year-Old

An alleged New York purse-snatcher got what was coming to her after she tried to rob an 86-year-old woman in a wheelchair. Bernice Starnes says she was sitting outside her Bronx apartment Sunday afternoon when a woman approached to make some polite small .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 15th, 2016

Sneaky Dog Scares Daylights Out Of Bird-Focused Cats -- And Us

Want to see cats fly? This is pretty damn close. When a dog interrupts their bird-watching in this hilarious video, they jump. Hmm. That doesn’t seem quite accurate. Rather, they JUMP. Yeah, dog, you have the outside view all to yourself now.  .....»»

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These People Throwing Wine At Each Other Are Living Their Damn Lives

Livin’ la vida vino! A village in Spain has just made every wine-lovers dream a reality and joyously spent a day chucking grape juice at one another. At the second annual “Batalla del Vino” (Battle of Wine) in Toro, Spain on August 22nd.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostAug 23rd, 2016

That Moment The Wi-Fi Freezes As Your Teammate Leads An Olympic Final

Damn you, spinning wheel of death. British Olympians almost missed out on seeing their teammate Adam Peaty win gold at Rio 2016, after their Wi-Fi froze. Team GB members were watching a live-stream of his 100-meter breaststroke final on a TV at their hold.....»»

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This Is The Pokemon Your State Is Searching For Most

It’s honestly shocking that we all haven’t quit our damn jobs just so we can play Pokemon Go all day. The game is addictive. With nearly 21 million daily users trying desperately to catch ‘em all, it’s the biggest mobile .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostJul 15th, 2016

Time-Lapse Videos Of A Hyperrealist Master Will Make You Lose Your Damn Mind

Emmy Kalia is a wildly talented pencil artist from Holland who can render a human face with such detail you’d swear she was working with a camera instead of the simplest materials and masterful skills.  For anyone out there who is still.....»»

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Cockatoo With Attitude Won"t Eat His Damn Broccoli

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You Must Hear This Dog Sneeze Before You Do Anything Else

Maggie the rat terrier has the most engaging sneeze. It has a cartoon-like flourish that you won't forget. Maggie is also 19 (!), according to the YouTube description, so she can sneeze any damn way she wants. "Sounds like a Smart Car that won't start," o.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostJun 17th, 2016

Carrot Top May Be One Of The Most Hated Comics, But He’s Also Pretty Damn Rich

Carrot Top (aka Scott Thompson) is a perpetual pop-culture target. Whether it's because of his unique look or brand of prop comedy, he takes a lot of crap. But did you know he's also one of the wealthiest comics alive? The Las Vegas mainstay is worth more.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostJun 2nd, 2016

Now You Can Order Condoms With The Push Of A Button

The candles are lit, Barry White's on the hi-fi and -- damn, you forgot a condom. If you live in fear of being unprepared, and are too lazy to buy condoms at the store, Amazon has a solution. The e-commerce site now offers a Dash Button that lets customer.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostApr 1st, 2016

Turns Out, Porn Watchers Are Pretty Damn Supportive Of Gender Equality

One of the charges leveled against pornography, and there are a lot of them, is that it is fundamentally bad for women. Porn commodifies women's bodies, certain feminist rhetoric goes. It trains viewers to see women as nothing more than objects. But a rec.....»»

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You Will Give A Damn About This History Of Swearing In Film

You Will Give A Damn About This History Of Swearing In Film.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostJan 20th, 2016

Kylie Jenner Hasn’t Been Able To Take Her Cartier Bracelet Off For Four Years

If you're Kylie Jenner, every morning for the past four years you've woken up and asked yourself, "Why can't I get this damn Cartier Love bracelet off my right wrist?" It's like "Groundhog Day" for the rich and famous.  The very real problem rec.....»»

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Hardcore Black Friday Shopper Creates Man-Cave Outside Of Best Buy

An Arizona man is making damn sure that nobody gets a better Black Friday deal than he does. Jarvis Johnson has been camped outside of a Best Buy in the city of Avondale since Sunday. “I'm here early because they say the early bird gets th.....»»

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Hardcore Black Friday Shopper Creates Mancave Outside Of Best Buy

An Arizona man is making damn sure that nobody gets a better Black Friday deal than he does. Jarvis Johnson has been camped outside of a Best Buy in the city of Avondale since Sunday. “I'm here early because they say the early bird gets th.....»»

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8 Fascinating Facts About How Teens Use The Internet And Social Media

Surprise -- teens love the Internet! OK, so it's not exactly a surprise. What is a little shocking are the statistics revealed in a recent study by Pew Research Center, entitled "Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2010." The findings, man.....»»

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Joey Votto Walked On Three Balls And Nobody Gave A Damn

Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds walked on three balls during Sunday's game against the visiting Washington Nationals. No, Votto wasn't given a one-ball allowance. Four balls still constitute a base-on-balls. It just happened. Nobody, including home pl.....»»

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