People Are Blown Away By This Cashier"s Angelic Singing Voice

Most people go into the Dollar General expecting a good bargain, but getting a show like this for free is one seriously amazing deal. Facebook user Nakia Robinson posted this video of a cashier with a phenomenal voice singing Maxwell’s &ldqu.....»»

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Being Funny Is Hard

On Tuesday, a minority of American voters (see: popular vote) elected Donald Trump as our next president. “Surprise” doesn’t adequately describe the mood of the nation. When people ask me how I’m doing, I tell them that, obvio.....»»

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Nick Offerman Tells You Exactly Where To Put Those Election Yard Signs

Actor Nick Offerman says the end of the U.S. presidential election doesn’t have to mean the end of yard signs. Far from it. The “Parks and Recreation” star, a.k.a. Ron Swanson, urged people not to throw away their politica.....»»

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Hillary Clinton And Her People Did The Mannequin Challenge

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi joined Hillary Clinton on board her campaign jet to take part in the online #MannequinChallenge craze. The “Livin’ on a Prayer” singer posed motionless alongside the Democratic nominee and her aides, as a staffer p.....»»

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Of Course People Are Voting In Hoagie Shops And Other Weird Places In This Election

Some of the weird locations of polling places across the U.S. for Election Day have us scratching our heads. Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly summed it up best when searching for a polling place in Philadelphia:  GUYS I FOUND IT! The most Phi.....»»

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This Might Be Why The Election Is Driving You To Drink

Democrats and Republicans will perhaps have at least one thing in common tonight: A craving for a drink as the election finally comes to a close. Since this race was one for the books, with 52 percent of people reporting increased anxiety, stress might be.....»»

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23 Truths About Single Life You Have To Laugh At (Or Else You"d Cry)

Single and not so ready to mingle? You’re not alone in being forever alone. Below, 23 people who are just not the relationship type.  type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Stories + articlesList=5705585ee4b05376618882fa,580e4aede4b02444e.....»»

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I Always Use Condoms in My Films, But I Still Oppose Proposition 60

A lot of people have been asking me for my opinion of California’s Proposition 60, which, among other things, would require the use of condoms in adult films. On its surface, I can see why Prop 60 seems reasonable. Condoms protect performers, right? But.....»»

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33 Tweets From Parents That Sum Up The Hell That Is Daylight Saving Time

As you probably noticed, Daylight Saving Time ended on Sunday.  For most people, transitioning out of Daylight Saving Time comes with the benefit of an extra hour of sleep. For parents of young children, “falling back” just means hav.....»»

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People Can"t Handle This Brutal Footage Of A "Homewrecking" Penguin

Romance. Jealousy. Violence. Heartbreak. Penguins. It’s not hard to see why “Homewrecking Penguin,” a short video clip the Nat Geo Channel tweeted on Thursday, is captivating internet users around the world. The graphic clip feature.....»»

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A Guy Put Amazon"s "Alexa" In Big Mouth Billy Bass" Body And People Are Rightly Horrified

So Big Mouth Billy Bass — you know, that animatronic singing fish that was annoyingly popular at the end of the 1990s — was, frankly, already pretty creepy. But one little modification brought it to new, disturbing heights. Brian “Wizard.....»»

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Squirrel Injures Several People In Angry Rampage At Florida Senior Center

A squirrel went wild in a Florida senior center on Thursday afternoon, injuring three people and prompting an unusual 911 call.  “We had a squirrel that entered our building, and it’s in our activity room,” the caller said in audio .....»»

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These Haikus Perfectly Capture Our Political System, Three Lines At A Time

People complain that modern media content is too often created with our short attention spans in mind ― that everything must be packaged in small, short bursts of info or entertainment, otherwise the audience will lose interest. But there is a certain s.....»»

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What It"s Really Like To Break Up With A Best Friend

If you’ve ever had to break up with a bestie, you know it hurts just as much as a romantic breakup. It’s not for nothing that more and more people are using Tinder-like apps to find friendships; making new friends as a grown wom.....»»

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When You"re The Liberal Child Of A Conservative Family, You Need To Vent

Sometimes liberals have conservative parents. And that can mean a lot of arguments over dinner, dating people their parents don’t like, dating people because their parents don’t like them, and other general familial friction. For these lefty k.....»»

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Watch Walter White Do A Dramatic Reading Of A Breakup Song

If you’re a “Breaking Bad” fan, you’d probably listen to Bryan Cranston read the phone book in his Heisenberg voice.  We’ve got something even better. The 60-year-old actor recently stopped by BBC Radio 1 breakfast show&.....»»

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The Complete And Unfortunate Timeline Of Your Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween costume ideas are a lot like outfits for a new job. At first, it’s all about dazzling people and price is no object. But eventually, it’s like, who cares, this “I’m With Stupid” shirt is just fine. For the majority .....»»

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11 Times Trump Has Made People Want To Divorce Their Families

Like the wall Donald Trump dreams of building between the US-Mexico border, this election season is dividing families across the nation in huge ways.  And as Jesse Singal wrote on New York Magazine’s Science of Us blog, trying to convince .....»»

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This Spooky Historic Home Will Send You Free "Possessed Plants"

Some people go to great lengths to avoid ghosts, from calling exorcists to outright moving. But for brave souls looking to take a little risk this Halloween, one historic home notorious for ghouls is offering to bring them right to your doorstep ― at le.....»»

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6 Of The "Black Mirror"-est "Black Mirror" Parodies In 90 Seconds

The people who inhabit the world of “Black Mirror” love them some technology. But usually that technology has a way of consuming them. “Ooh, what if food delivery apps were secretly used to eat people?” says the “Black M.....»»

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Read This Dad"s Perfect Response To An Ironic School Permission Slip

When a school required parents to sign permission slips for their kids to read Fahrenheit 451, the irony was not lost on this dad. On Monday, Daniel Radosh tweeted his brilliantly snarky response to the permission slip, which notes that some people get &l.....»»

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