Here"s How You Open A Can Of Food Using Only A Spoon

If you’ve ever found yourself overcome with frustration because your can opener broke and you’re really jonesing for some SpaghettiOs, this video is for you. YouTube user Dave Hax posted this instructional clip on how to open a can of foo.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 12th, 2016

Trump"s Election Night Party Has The Most Absurd Cash Bar

You might think a party thrown by a billionaire would have an open bar... but you’d be wrong. The GOP nominee’s Hilton Hotel election night party featured an extremely pricey cash-only bar. Prices started at a whopping $10 for a beer. They bu.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 8th, 2016

Here"s Where You Can Get Free Food And Discounts On Election Day

The presidential election is so close to being over, we can almost taste it ― or maybe it’s just all the free treats that are being offered today. A number of businesses around the country are doling out free food, drinks, discounts and services i.....»»

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Man Hopes To Finance Honeymoon By Selling Prized Cheeto Bald Eagle

The American dream is alive and well. That is, if the American dream happens to be finding a strange-looking snack food and selling it for exorbitant amounts of money. An eBay seller known as “bballjuan” - which we can only presume stands for .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostNov 4th, 2016

Attorney Who Claims He Choked On Popeyes Fried Chicken Drops Suit

UPDATE: 1:40 p.m. — Attorney Paul M. Newton, Jr. has said that he is dropping his suit against the popular fast-food chain after receiving “extreme comments directed to me and my family.” “I continue to believe that the facts demon.....»»

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6 Of The "Black Mirror"-est "Black Mirror" Parodies In 90 Seconds

The people who inhabit the world of “Black Mirror” love them some technology. But usually that technology has a way of consuming them. “Ooh, what if food delivery apps were secretly used to eat people?” says the “Black M.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 26th, 2016

This Grilled Eyeball Sandwich Might Be A Little Too Realistic

The best Halloween parties have three things: great drinks, incredible costumes and spooky food. We’ve found a spooky recipe that we’d most definitely eat ... but we also feel a little scared to chomp down on it, because it’s staring rig.....»»

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Over 25 Million People Have Watched This Garage Door Open And Close

As a professional face painter and graphic designer, Amanda Destro Pierson has always loved Halloween. “It is my favorite holiday because I love to dress up,” she told The Huffington Post. “My husband loves dressing up with me becau.....»»

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Goats guests of honor at Prague rooftop reception

PRAGUE (Reuters) - Two goats wander across the roof of Prague's famous Lucerna Palace - the first beneficiaries of a new push to open up public spaces high above the packed streets of a crowded city......»»

Category: weirdSource: reutersOct 20th, 2016

Target, McDonald"s react to U.S. creepy clown sightings

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two of America's biggest commercial brands - discount retailer Target and fast-food chain McDonald's - have taken steps to tamp down hysteria stemming from a recent spate of creepy clown sightings in the run-up to Halloween at the .....»»

Category: weirdSource: reutersOct 18th, 2016

Domino"s Will Deliver Pizza By Canoe. We"re Not Joking.

This pizza delivery is making waves across the pond.  On Monday, Domino’s Pizza UK began testing a new service in which delivery employees bring food by canoe to customers along the Loose Stream in Kent, England. As part of the stunt, the chain.....»»

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The Haunting Sound Of Climate Change Over 100 Years

Quick, bright piano notes open the melody. It’s lively, almost playful; conjuring images of birds chirping through sun-dappled forests. Then suddenly, a shift. The piano notes quieten; the silence interrupted only by the lament of a lone flute. But .....»»

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Ube Is The Natural Ingredient That Turns Food Perfectly Purple

With colorful food trends like delightfully green matcha and all-rainbow everything taking the dessert scene by storm, it was only a matter of time before the purple goodness of ube got its time in the sun. Ube (pronounced ooh-beh) is the Tagalo.....»»

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Illinois Couple Has A Whopper Of A Beef With Burger King

When Nancie and Martyce Murphy of Naperville, Illinois, went to their local Burger King this weekend, they asked the manager to make sure their food would be warm. As it turned out, it was the packaging that really got them hot under the collar. The Murph.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostOct 5th, 2016

This Unicorn-Themed Café Is Everything We"ve Ever Wanted In Life

This spot is straight outta a fairytale.  The Unicorn Café in Bangkok, Thailand is exactly what its magical name suggests ― a unicorn-themed establishment with rainbow decor, serving up colorful food and drinks. And our inner 6-year-old.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 30th, 2016

Mom"s Hilarious Photo Proves Kids Are Great At Following Directions

Kids can be a sneaky bunch, especially when it comes to food.  On Tuesday, Reddit user janepatticynmo posted a hilarious photo of her daughter’s epicurean adventures. My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of em. .....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 21st, 2016

Octopus’ Modeling Career Is Short And Tasty

Once the modeling industry gets its tentacles into you, there’s no going back. A giant Pacific octopus learned that the hard way after posing for a series of photos with a Japanese model/food blogger known as Namada.  Some are comparing t.....»»

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Bleating Hearts Will Love These Soulful Portraits Of Goats

A subject sits for the camera. His eyes are forlorn, his expression sorrowful. His long ears, covered in fur. A few milliseconds later, he’s run off to find food. As an involved experiment testing the power of portraiture, photographer Kevin Ho.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 20th, 2016

Hero Burrito Helps Police Officers Save Trapped Kitten

Yet another reason to love Mexican food. Two police officers and a burrito are receiving praise for their brave rescue of a kitten stuck in a drainage pipe. Officers Jimenez and Corona of the Parlier Police Department in California used a piece of “.....»»

Category: weirdSource: huffingtonpostSep 13th, 2016

Food fight: British sausage thrower wins Black Pudding championship

(Reuters) - This year's World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, a more than 100-year-old tournament centered around hurling blood sausage, was won by the first thrower......»»

Category: weirdSource: reutersSep 13th, 2016

Amazing Fossil Find Shows Bug Inside Lizard Inside Snake

It’s the food chain as you’ve never seen it before ― unless you were around 48 million years ago. Researchers working at Germany’s Messel Pit, a disused quarry near Frankfurt, recently discovered a fossil that shows a bug inside a liza.....»»

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