Dave Chappelle Reprises "Chappelle"s Show" Characters For "Walking Dead" Spoof On "SNL"

”Chappelle’s Show” is back. Well, kind of. Dave Chappelle reprised some of his hilarious comedy-sketch show characters, including Tyrone Biggums and Chuck Taylor, to spoof “The Walking Dead” on “Saturday Night Live.....»»

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People Are Blown Away By This Cashier"s Angelic Singing Voice

Most people go into the Dollar General expecting a good bargain, but getting a show like this for free is one seriously amazing deal. Facebook user Nakia Robinson posted this video of a cashier with a phenomenal voice singing Maxwell’s &ldqu.....»»

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Here"s How You Open A Can Of Food Using Only A Spoon

If you’ve ever found yourself overcome with frustration because your can opener broke and you’re really jonesing for some SpaghettiOs, this video is for you. YouTube user Dave Hax posted this instructional clip on how to open a can of foo.....»»

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Facebook Temporarily Killed Off A Lot Of Its Users

There’s no worse way to find out you’re dead than through Facebook. Facebook killed me. pic.twitter.com/xrMW0QSc2j— Rowaida Abdelaziz (@Rowaida_Abdel) November 11, 2016 Numerous users of the site found that their personal pages h.....»»

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Superheroes React To Donald Trump"s Presidency In A Totally Human Way

Superheroes are not so different after all. YouTuber DrMachakil imagined how Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and a bunch of other fictional characters reacted to the news of Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election. Just like a lot of mere humans .....»»

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California City Elects Dead Man To Office After Bizarre Campaign

It was one spirited campaign. A Southern California man who was running for re-election as Oceanside city treasurer successfully defeated his opponent Tuesday, despite having died over a month ago. Gary Ernst, 61, received 6 percentage points more of the .....»»

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This Simple GIF Might Help You Breathe

This gif to help you breathe correctly If you’re feeling stressed, here’s a clever GIF out there to remind you to do what’s absolutely essential: Breathe. Studies show that breathing exercises offer a world of good, from lowering b.....»»

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Jeff Goldblum Shares His Strategy For Coping With A Donald Trump Presidency

Actor Jeff Goldblum says he’ll deal with the U.S. presidential election result in a totally respectful way. The “Jurassic Park” star shared how he’d cope with a Donald Trump presidency on “The Late Show with Stephen Colb.....»»

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Stephen Colbert Blames Donald Trump"s Daddy Issues For Inspiring His Presidential Run

Stephen Colbert took a comic book-style look at what may have inspired Donald Trump to run for president on Tuesday. And according to the “Late Show” host, it’s all because the President-elect’s father once told him off for not win.....»»

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Fans Spotted A Donald Trump Zombie On "The Walking Dead"

The latest episode of “The Walking Dead” may have trumped them all. (Warning! “Walking Dead” spoilers!) In between Daryl breaking down over Glenn’s death and the show torturing us by playing the song “Easy Street”.....»»

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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads James Corden A Terrifying Election Bedtime Story

James Corden will be having nightmares. Benedict Cumberbatch read “The Late Late Show” host a seriously scary bedtime story about the presidential election on Monday night. Terrifying, right? The tale centered on a beige pant-suited woman, oth.....»»

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Jimmy Kimmel Distracts World From Election With Bonus Halloween Candy Prank Segment

Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween candy prank has become a favorite tradition among parents. This year, the talk show host brought double the trouble with a special bonus edition of “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.” Kimmel .....»»

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Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump Gets Cozy With The KKK, FBI And Putin On "SNL"

“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at Donald Trump’s relationships with the FBI, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the KKK in its final pre-election show. Alec Baldwin as the GOP nominee and Kate McKinnon as Democratic nominee Hilla.....»»

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Benedict Cumberbatch Spoofs Apple"s 1984 Commercial In "SNL" Toilet Ad

Benedict Cumberbatch can even make a toilet look cool. The British actor appeared to spoof Apple’s famous 1984 Macintosh computer commercial to show off the latest in sanitation fixtures on “Saturday Night Live.” Introducing... the .....»»

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"You"re fired" - Trump effigy feels the heat on UK bonfire night

LONDON (Reuters) - He turned "You're fired" into his reality show catch-phrase, but it was Donald Trump who went up in flames on Saturday - or at least an effigy of him did, as part of Britain's annual Bonfire Night celebrations......»»

Category: weirdSource: reutersNov 6th, 2016

Stephen Colbert Shares The Real Secrets Of This Election

Stephen Colbert knows what’s up. The “Late Show” host donned a tinfoil hat and hunkered down in his “Truth Bunker” to share the secrets “they don’t want you to know” on Thursday. With so many paranoid storie.....»»

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Neil Patrick Harris Goes Full Olaf For Latest "Unfortunate Events" Teaser

If you grew up reading Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events series, then you’re probably just as excited as we are for the upcoming Netflix show based on the books. The streaming service just released a new tease.....»»

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Mesmerizing Photos Of Twins Show Us What The Closest Bond Looks Like

“Being the daughter of a twin mother, from an early age I have found twins to be a source of amusement and perplexity,” Sandrine Kerfante writes in the introduction to the photography book she edited, Two of a Kind. “When I was a young c.....»»

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Massive "Pillars Of Destruction" Show Stars Destroying Their Own Formation Clouds

It’s an act of violence on a cosmic scale.  New images from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile showed the massive “Pillars of Destruction” in the Carina Nebula, some 7,500 light years from Earth:.....»»

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These Wikileaks Emails Prove Just What A Monster Hillary Clinton Is

It’s what everyone in the Trump campaign talks about around the pyres of burning books. When you look closely, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails show just what kind of person she is: a nasty woman who doesn’t know how to print things. Her .....»»

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Watch Walter White Do A Dramatic Reading Of A Breakup Song

If you’re a “Breaking Bad” fan, you’d probably listen to Bryan Cranston read the phone book in his Heisenberg voice.  We’ve got something even better. The 60-year-old actor recently stopped by BBC Radio 1 breakfast show&.....»»

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